On Food

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: did you know that the food in New Zealand, even when it’s exactly the same as its American equivalents, is actually more fun? It’s a fact.

Don’t Drink and Fry

OK, here’s what I’d like to know: how big of a national crisis do drunkies trying to cook their own post-bar food and burning the joint down have to cause for the fire department to launch this nation-wide ad campaign?

Dog Food

I have yet to see a bag of dry Purina on any kiwi shelves, even at your standard supermarkets like the one where this was taken. Instead there is a giant refrigerator case at each store with these massive tubes of meat. This is pretty disappointing when, from far away, you think it’s a case full of giant slice-and-bake cookie logs.


Let’s start with kiwifruit. (You’ll notice I did not say “kiwi,” as saying such will suggest to a New Zealander that you’re intending to slice open its rare national bird and scoop out its insides). The kiwifruits themselves don’t look or, really, taste any different down here than they do in the States. But they do all come with this awesome little knife-spoon included right in the package. Take a moment to really think about this: there is a utensil that exists solely for the purpose of eating one single kind of fruit, and it comes included any time you buy that fruit at a supermarket.


What is Scroggin? Well, it’s trail mix. But it makes whoever came up with the name “trail mix” look completely unimaginative and, frankly, probably American. As a bonus, here’s a great way to make new friends on the bus: “Hey, I’m Jess. Care for some scroggin?” Boom.

Vending Machines

I think this one probably doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation. But as an, ahem, older backpacker, I find it pretty funny what the typical hostel considers necessary fare for a common-room vending machine. Go ahead, Where’s Waldo it. See if you can spot the cliches.


2 thoughts on “On Food

  1. I just read all your posts starting from the most recent down to this and will continue reading past this.. had to stop + comment because this one made me laugh out loud. that is all. please keep up the entertainment!!

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