Spreading the Love

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow… can stop AVD’s global rise.

Let’s just take a minute to recognize the powerful beauty of universal truths, shall we? Here’s one I just learned: there are girls all over the world who, nothing against the other 50% of the population, just hate Valentine’s Day. Or at least think it’s lame at best and manufactured or saccharine at worst. A lot of the girls I’ve met since getting to New Zealand have told me they traditionally just boycott the holiday. Luckily for them, my tradition is better.

People often need an explanation of what, exactly, AVD is and why it exists. The short answer is this: Anti-Valentine’s Day is an alternative celebration that the fabulous Lillian Lee and I came up with about 7 years ago to turn a genuinely overwrought and often depressing day into an awesome one. You get together all of your girlfriends, single or otherwise, enjoy a lengthy and intoxicating brunch, and then hit the town as a pack. That’s it: the day’s only goal is fun.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when, for the last month, almost every girl I mentioned AVD to asked me to organize one this year down under.

And so yesterday, a drizzly February 14, seven girls converged on an unsuspecting backpackers’ hostel in Queenstown. They made French toast and scrambled eggs, mimosas and sangria, and, because the group contained a glorious cross-section of UK nationalities, Yorkshire pudding two ways.

Finally, I’ve made Yorkshire pudding under the supervision of an actual person from Yorkshire.

Oh, and chocolate cupcakes. That goes without saying.

And so we had AVD brunch at a picnic table overlooking a lake, while parachuted skydivers decorated the sky all around us, and while a local silkscreening shop printed up enough of these for the whole group to wear out later that night:

AVD is catching on like wildfire (badum-bum) Have I mentioned that these shirts were not even my idea?

And now, I’m proud to announce, my new friends will be taking AVD back to England, Wales, Canada, Holland, and Denver. Here’s hoping a new tradition ends up going global.


7 thoughts on “Spreading the Love

  1. Never been a fan of the Yorkshire pudding despite my being a self-proclaimed anglophile and having lived as long as I did in England. How was yours?? Did you like it?

    ❤ AVD!!!

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