On Food, Part II

Here’s a not-so-fun fact about Arrowtown: the only grocery store in town is a glorified 7-11 that charges far too much for spectacularly sub-par food. Consequently, the best way to get any sort of fresh fruits and veggies – also known as Jess’s main food sources – is to take a bus into the town of Frankton and hit their supermarket. The good news is, the bus route looks like this:

Just a little more scenic than the 6 train.

The bad news is, a round-trip journey takes about three hours and $16. So as you can imagine, Hayley and I thought it best to stock up on our maiden voyage there last night.

Imagine if they had a Costco here.

Anyway, I’m not sure what this will mean for future “weird food” posts, but I do have a few saved up and I think Arrowtown’s 30 minutes of free wifi per day is an excellent excuse to post some right now.

Deep-Fried Pineapple

In the words of a teeny bopper: OMG. I die.

This is a pineapple ring, deep fried and covered in cinnamon sugar, that I devoured at Fat Tui Burger in Abel Tasman National Park. I’m not going to say anything else about it lest I detract from the marvel of this picture.

Pop-Top Beer

Pop ‘n fresh indeed.

You know what I hate? Getting to the beach and realizing everyone’s forgotten the bottle opener. “I thought you were bringing it?” “No, I put it out on the counter for you to grab!” Don’t you ever wish they’d just invent a pop-top beer bottle? Well, someone did.

Annie’s Victorian Tea Room in Oamaru

Do you think he maintains the haircut specifically for work?

I don’t have anything particularly clever to say about this except that ohmygodlookatthisspread.

Honesty Boxes

This is an honesty box. If you stare directly into the center of it for ten seconds, you can hear bongos playing, softly.

You know how I know people in New Zealand are basically good at heart? These honesty boxes are everywhere: on the side of the road, down driveways, in people’s front yards. You take the produce you want, drop the correct change in the box, and everyone’s happy.

Kiwifruit Chocolate

Sure, why not?

I tend to think everything – and I mean almost every single thing – would be better if smothered in chocolate. The good people at Whittaker’s seem to have the same life philosophy. God bless them.

Wine Clarified with What Now?


Isn’t New Zealand supposed to be a fairly big up and comer in the wine industry these days? Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, fellow Sonoma County-ers, but why on Earth would one clarify wine with milk and egg products? What kind of milk and egg products? And how? I have too many questions here.


4 thoughts on “On Food, Part II

  1. Maybe I should try making a kiwi fruit truffle…was it any good?
    As regards the wine, it’s probably referring to egg whites. Often, winemakers will add egg whites, clay, or other compounds to wine that will help precipitate dead yeast cells and other solids out of a wine. These substances adhere to the unwanted solids and force them to the bottom of the tank.
    Keep up the awesome work! Love reading the blog 🙂

  2. Jess, I am LOVING your blog and reading all about what you are up to over there. Sounds like you are having an absolute blast. What an adventure! Anxiously awaiting your next update :).

    love and miss you lots!

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