Just Book It.

I guess it’s probably no big surprise to say, at this point, that part of the appeal of living in Arrowtown is the time and money it affords me to plan my escape from Arrowtown. I’ve never lived or worked in a place that could be so quickly, easily, or guiltlessly left behind with so little regard for what leaving means for the future. Which is a nice change of pace. Because, the other night, Hayley and I decided that leaving Arrowtown means we’re going to Australia. And hopefully more. At the end of the month.

There’s something extremely satisfying about coming home from a particularly morale-sucking day at work and booking a slew of one-way out-of-country tickets without telling anyone, without even thinking about details like take-off times or the exact number of days you might need in a new city in order to see the sights (or what the sights even are, for that matter). And so at the end of the month, Hayley and I will hop back on the Stray bus from Queenstown to Mount Cook and Christchurch. We’ll fly from Christchurch to Auckland, drop our bags off in storage, and head to Sydney two days later. We’ll spend four nights in Sydney (doing, I kid you not, I have no idea what), fly to Melbourne for a few nights, rent a car and drive the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide, fly from there to Perth, and, finances and Jetstar sales willing, on from Perth to Bali.

It’s all been, for the most part, booked and paid for already, during a two-hour online shopping spree fueled by brief conversations such as:

Jess: “Is $59 from Sydney to Melbourne a good price?”
Hayley: “Just book it.”


Hayley: “What do you think about staying on George Street in Sydney?”
Jess: “I have no idea where that is. Just book it.”

We haven’t purchased any travel guides to Australia, or Indonesia, or any of the Asian countries we’re hoping to hop over to from there. We have no idea why, specifically, we’d like to visit, say, Cambodia, other than that we’ve heard it’s pretty. We don’t know what cities or areas one stays in if one goes to Laos or Kuala Lumpur.

Instead, we both seem to have accepted, in personality turns that are evidently pretty uncharacteristic for the both of us, that we’ll figure it out as we go along.

So that’s what I’m up to in Arrowtown these days: I’m working. I’m planning. I’m not planning. I’m watching the leaves change color and I’m biding my time.

And, oh yeah: I’m getting excited.


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