Changes, Changes

I can’t imagine a better topic to cover today than that of Change. Yes, “Change” with a capital, “Yes we Can,” Obama-campaign “C.” This past month has ended with what I’d call tectonic shifts in my life, my plans, and yes, even this blog. And more than a few people have contacted me wondering what all that means moving forward.

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So let’s start with the blog: as you may have noticed, the name of this site has changed. If you haven’t in fact noticed, please do me a favor and take a peek up at your browser’s navigation bar. Then, if you don’t mind, please start using the new URL you’ll find there* so that I can justify the money I just shelled out for this shiny new dotcom.

Why the change? Well, as one particularly observant reader pointed out in the comments section of my last post, calling this blog “Year on a Whim” was no longer exactly appropriate. And truthfully, I’ve been mulling over a name change for quite some time now. See, what started out as a plan to go off the reservation for a seemingly reasonable 12 months has already meandered into 13 months away from home. What was supposed to be a year in New Zealand has run over into… something else that we’ll get to shortly. And what I intended to be an experimental, fixed-term period of capriciousness has evolved into a mindset — a lifestyle — that I’m surprised how hesitant I am to give up just yet. So I’ve known for a while that this blog needed a new name with no time constraints, no commitments, no specifics. Hence: Jess on a Whim.

Yes, I posted a picture of myself taking a leap. Please excuse the cheesiness of this. You try finding a picture that better applies to changing the name of a blog.

Yes, I posted a picture of myself taking a leap. Please excuse the cheesiness of this. You try finding a picture that better applies to changing the name of a blog.

Speaking of the blog, another change you may have noticed is that you’re actually reading a new post on it. And I’m hoping this will re-emerge as somewhat of a trend on my newly rechristened site. I know I’ve neglected writing here over the last few months, and I’ll chalk it up to the usual distractions that tend to keep us from productivity and regiment and even those responsibilities we find most enjoyable: sunshine and pints of beer in the afternoon, good friends and late-night conversations, jobs and the ineffable pleasure of total laziness when we’re not at them. Simply put, I didn’t post very often while in Queenstown because I was so busy just being happy that I didn’t realize how quickly the time was passing.

Guilty: when I wasn't posting on this blog, I was often busy doing this instead.

Guilty: when I wasn’t posting on this blog, I was often busy doing this instead.

This, of course, is ridiculous: happiness and writing are, for me, far from mutually exclusive. But even though writing makes me happy, being happy doesn’t necessarily make me write — and one of the major goals of this little reboot will be to remind myself that that doesn’t have to be the case.

Finally, there’s the biggest change of all: I’ve left Queenstown. I’ve left New Zealand. And I’ve made my way up to Australia with a brand-new Working Holiday visa, no plan, and no small amount of apprehension. Doing so was one of the more difficult decisions I’ve had to make in recent memory, and because of that fact, I’ll leave my (lengthy) explanation for another day.

So there you have it. I’m restarting — or continuing. I’m not really sure. They may be one and the same or completely different. I suppose the next phase of this blog will be about my figuring that out — and I hope you’ll all stick around to find out with me.

*Please note, the old URL,, should still work just fine. But now you have the option to either let that redirect you to the new address, or to get with the times and just remember the much simpler 


6 thoughts on “Changes, Changes

  1. That sounds awesome, Jess! Location is important but I hope you also find work that allows you to be carefree and happy. Tbh all those self-help books that teach you to “live in the moment” by changing yourself are rarely practical… the best way I believe is to put yourself in an active and high-energy environment.

  2. I’m so excited for you on this next Chapter of your adventure. And I love you but ANSWER my emails 🙂 hehe. I want more deets! Okay lots of love and miss you loads! xoxo

  3. Good luck for oz, i am going to apply for the working visa too so fingers crossed i should be living here permanently by Christmas. I look forward to seeing what your future brings! That photo of you reading in the sun looks like pure bliss!!!

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