Who am I?

Occasional California flower child born decades too late…

Former New Yorker who’ll risk life and limb rather than wait four seconds to cross the street…

Longtime vegetarian who knows far too much about meat pies…

Former website editor who’ll never use three words when 30 will do…

Lifelong francophile

Stalker of penguins

Neurotic over-thinker…

Total wuss…

Mediocre photographer…

Accidental backpacker

30-year-old hostel dweller

Indecisive basket-case…

World’s worst navigator…

And either a completely crazy or completely brilliant individual — depending on whom you ask or what kind of mood I’m in when you ask me. That’s because at the end of 2011, I quit my very secure, very cushy office job in New York City to work menial gigs and see the world (What could I possibly have been thinking?) with a career break in New Zealand. Or a working holiday. Or a gap year. Whatever you’d like to call it, it was the kind of move far more popular with 18-year-old Brits delaying University than with nearly-30 American professionals.

My decision to take a traveling career break surprised just about everyone, especially me. But the real surprise turned out to be what this blog is all about: how my working holiday changed the way I see the world, and how it showed me sides of myself I’d only ever dared to hope were really there.

Which means that, hopefully, I’m one more thing, too: proof that everyone’s more capable of following their impractical, terrifying, exciting, ridiculous, heartbreaking, wonderful whims than they think they are.



4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Wow! You are one of those insane travelers! I too fall in your category. So, after Vietnam,any plans of moving to India?

    • I did visit some of Australia for the first time a few months ago and absolutely loved it. I’m thinking of getting a visa there once I’m done in New Zealand!

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