Not Sick of Me Yet?

Looking for more of my work on the Web? Clearly you’re a person who appreciates gushing enthusiasm, embarrassing clumsiness, exorbitant word counts, and possibly penguins. If that’s the case, here are a few more places where you can read, listen to, and watch my thoughts on all things travel. (Yep, you can watch my thoughts. Boom.)


Sonoma County Shopping & Lifestyle blog. If you like wine, food, beaches, redwoods, and tie-dye T-shirts, you should be visiting the county I’ll always call home. You should also be following the blog I write about quirky, hyper-local shops and lodges for its tourism board.

As much as I love Sonoma County, admittedly, I’d often rather be in the Caribbean. I occasionally indulge in a beachy flashback by re-reading one of these: 

Haute Cuisine in the Hills of François

My Hammock, My Dream

Making Scents of Love

Island Artists at Home

Lady of the Canyon


The Pursuit Zone Podcast.  Hear me talk hosteling, backpacking, decision-making, and career-breaking on this very cool new site about escaping your comfort zone. The site’s got lots of other interviews with people far more interesting and adventurous than I am, so it’s a great place to turn for inspiration!


I’m that rare American who loves France. Even rarer in that I’ve gone on camera to prove it. Check out the  series of short travel videos I did for the French tourism board in the Caribbean, Tahiti, and mainland France and you’ll understand how I picked up this pesky travel bug.

Culture-rich Marseille

Friendly St. Martin

Sporty St. Martin

Romantic St. Martin

Action-packed Moorea (Tahiti)

Laid-back Manihi (Tahiti)

Trendy Nantes

Tropical Guadeloupe

And, finally, you can see celebrities tell me all about their favorite French destinations here:

Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino

Actress Wanda Sykes


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