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Not sure where to start? Here’s a sampling of some the most popular topics on this blog (along with a few others I just love). On the practical side, I hope you’ll find some useful information on working holidays — or career breaks, or gap years. Whatever you call them, I’m a huge proponent, and this blog is largely about my own experience working and living away from the “real world.” I’ve also got the low-down on taking public transportation in countries with dirt roads and questionable safety standards, finding vegetarian food when you don’t speak the local language, learning what long-term travel is really like, and forcing yourself to skydive/hang glide/surf/rock climb/ride a motorcycle even if it sometimes brings you to tears. So have a browse and see what suits your own whims!

(P.S.: For lots more topics, check out the category cloud near the bottom of this page. You can also browse by destination here, read my all-time most popular posts here, or ignore the numbers and just trust me on my own favorite posts here).

Working Holidays
career breaks

Extreme Sports
extreme sports

Public Transportation
public transportation

Lessons from Travel
lessons from travel

vegetarian travel

bicycling exotic locales

hostel life

Long-Term Travel
long-term travel

elephants koalas kangaroos penguins


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